Yep! Although Germany’s Nurburgring track has had its fair share of record-breaking cars since 1920, it hasn’t seen anything like Honda’s newest Civic Type R. With an exclusive 2.0L turbo pounding out 306 ponies—its engine is officially the most powerful of any Honda model—and 295 lb.-ft. of torque, this 2017 Civic sits in a category all its own. Want proof? It ran a lap time of 7:43:80, which was about 7 seconds faster than the 2015 Type R. Want even more proof? Watch the video below for onboard footage of what this record-beating FWD Civic Type R is capable of.


2017 Type R Details

The all-new Civic Type R has yet to be released on American roadways, but we promise that it’s on the way! What can you expect to find when taking it for a test drive at any of our Central Ohio Honda Dealers locations?

Along with its incredible powerful Turbo-4, the ’17 Type R will also come outfitted with a Limited Slip Differential and Adaptive Dampening System to aid in stability around corners. Drivers can even choose between three personalized driving modes, though our Honda dealers recommend the fine-tuned “+R” mode for optimal performance. In +R mode, the car automatically adjusts the suspension, throttle, and steering to improve all facets of the ride. If you’re in it for the speed, feel free to peek at the gauges on the instrument cluster to monitor lap times, “boost pressure,” and G-forces when on the track. Just beware: You may need a change of clothes after you sweat through your first run.

Honda Civic Type R



The Type R will also come with standard features like a 7-inch touchscreen, Honda’s infotainment system, a 540W surround sound system, automatic climate control, and 12 speakers. On the outside, you can expect to find standard red Brembo brake calipers, 20-inch black alloy wheels, rear vortex generators, LED headlights, triple exhaust outlets, and a snazzy hatchback that offers enough cargo space to haul golf clubs and stow away that extra pair of underwear.

Test Drive the New Civic Type R in Central Ohio

Tired of taking the same route to work each morning? It sounds like you’re ready to up your game with the 2017 Honda Civic Type R! When Honda’s newest car hits our showrooms’ floors, be the first on your block to take it for a spin around Columbus, Lancaster, Marion, or Dublin, OH. Contact your nearest Central Ohio Honda Dealers today, and request a quote or learn more about the Honda CTR’s release date, pricing, specs, and lease deals.


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