2017 Honda Accord

Nissan Altima

Looking to compare two best-selling cars before making the decision to lease or buy? Let us help! While it’s no surprise that our Central Ohio Honda Dealers favor the Accord in this “Accord vs. Altima” battle, we’d still like to give you a rundown of why Honda’s premier car is a step above Nissan’s (and the rest of the field, for that matter). Look at what the experts are saying about the 2017 Accord and Altima.

Edmunds Expert Reviews

“…The Accord is a must-drive if you’re shopping for a midsize sedan or coupe.” – Cameron Rogers,

A carryover model before the 2018 Accord is released, the 2017 Accord is still one of Honda’s finest, raking in high scores in all departments. It performs well as a commuting vehicle as much as a trip-taker thanks to having the segment’s best braking and acceleration. Handling is superb, too, and ride comfort benefits from its advanced suspension system. Its roomy interior puts other mid-size (and some full-size) sedans to shame, and thin front pillars aid in opening up the cabin while also improving visibility.

“Just a few years ago, the Altima’s cabin and entertainment features seemed fresh and hip. But in the wake of updates from Mazda, Honda and Kia, the Nissan is already a step behind.” –

The Nissan Altima, on the other hand, hasn’t received a fresh update in about four model years, which is quite apparent when looking at the 2017 Altima’s stale cabin and lackluster infotainment interface. Interior materials feel suspect, even low-rent, and the front 5-inch display can’t compete with the Accord’s available 7-inch WVGA touchscreen. It’s also got fewer cubic feet in both the trunk and cabin vs. the Accord.

2017 Honda Accord

What Does The Car Connection Say?

“Step inside and, thanks to the low instrument panel and wide expanse of windows, the Accord has a sense of airiness not seen in most mid-sizers.” – Andrew Ganz,

Opting for the new Accord means you’ll have a polished sedan inside and out. If the Accord’s bold grille and redesigned tail section are the bows on this Honda packaging, its interior must surely be the gift. Driver’s controls are placed high on the dash and steering wheel. Active noise suppression cuts out highway noise well enough to keep a napping baby in sleep mode. Soft-touch materials push even the lower Accord trims into the “luxury car” category. Honda’s handy LaneWatch system—a convenient setup that helps monitor your blind spots without taking away your control—is bound to become your favorite new passive safety feature.

“…The Altima could stand some improvement in terms of its advanced safety tech and its styling is decidedly dowdy parked against rivals…” – Ganz,

Unlike the Accord, which has adapted to introduce a slew of new features and systems, the 2017 Altima has apparently rested on its once-heralded laurels. But the times are a changin’, and keeping up with those changes isn’t enough anymore.

Nissan, those NASA-inspired front seats aren’t going to cut it, nor will an unexciting instrument panel. Even the sporty SR and SL Altima models don’t meet the demands of today’s drivers; they utilize old electrohydraulic steering to uninspiring effect and ghost over asphalt when going over even the slightest hint of rocky terrain. Opting for high-end safety features also means sacrificing your budget—something that most of our Ohio car shoppers won’t or can’t do.

Honda Accord Dashboard

U.S. News Critic Reviews

“Few other cars epitomize the concept of ‘a good car’ more than the Honda Accord. There’s a reason it’s been around for forty years, has a high rating, and remains one of the top-selling vehicles in the country. – Nate Parsons,

With the Accord, you get a comfortable daily driver at one of the most reasonable prices in the country. When considering the Accord’s variety of family-friendly features, quality driving dynamics, and comfortable, cushioned seats, it’s quite clear why everyone considers it to be the best value in its class.

What’s more, the new Accord has one of the most charming interiors in all the land; it is well-lit in both front and back rows, has a roof that extends skyward to offer more rear headroom than the Altima, and includes more standard features. Mr. Parsons writes that “…there are few reasons to choose a Nissan Altima over an Accord,” and our Central Ohio Honda Dealers agree.

“…The Altima isn’t keeping up with its rivals. The Altima’s base four-cylinder engine provides a decent daily driving experience, but it isn’t as good at getting up to highway speeds as competitors like the Honda Accord.” – Courtney Jones,

Solidly built but never to be unrivaled, the 2017 Nissan Altima is really no match for the Accord—especially when considering the Altima’s high price point.

To compete with the Accord’s engine, you’ll need to pay handsomely to upgrade to the Altima’s top trim and its 3.5L 6-cylinder. Safety features like blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control are reserved for the higher Altima trims, which means shelling out a few thousand bucks more for your family’s security. The Accord offers most of those same features for far less money.

Fall in Love with the 2017 Accord in Columbus, OH

Fall in Love with the 2017 Accord in Columbus, OH

When you’re searching for your next new car, the 2017 Honda Accord is an all-around wise choice. But when compared to the Nissan Altima, the Accord is a no-brainer. It offers far more “stuff” at a lower price, and that’s all there is to this Accord vs. Altima comparison.


If you’re ready to make the best decision of your life, visit one of our Central Ohio Honda Dealers near Columbus, Lancaster, or Dublin to test drive the 2017 Honda Accord! We sell and lease all Accord trim levels, so you’ll never have a problem finding the perfect model. In addition to our new Accords, our Honda dealerships around Marysville also offer numerous Honda offers on other new Honda models and used cars.


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